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Mark-10 G1002

Mark-10 Dual Roller Grips

This cam grip secures the ends of wire, cable, and tubing samples for pull testing. Engaging and disengaging samples is quick and easy, with a side slot for sample insertion and serrated steel rollers.

Mark-10 G1085


Mark-10 G1008

Mark-10 Paper and Film Grips

These grips are designed for gripping film, paper, labels, packaging, and other thin materials for tensile and peel testing. Adjustable serrated interlocking jaws effectively grip the samples for up to 100 lbF (500N) of force. The grips are available in four sizes.

Mark-10 G1015


Mark-10 Wedge Grips

Wedge Grips

These heavy duty self-tightening grips with a capacity range of 200 lbf to 2,000 lbF (1 kN to 10 kN) are ideal for tensile testing of a wide range of materials. The serrated 55 RC hardened steel jaws ride on rollers instead of sliding along the surface of the housing, as with conventional wedge grips. This unique design prevents jamming and improves gripping characteristics. The spring loaded jaws open with a highly ergonomic rack and pinion lever mechanism. The smooth and easy operation of the lever greatly reduces operator hand fatigue.



Mark-10 G1046

Pneumatic Grip

This fully enclosed, air-powered grip is ideal for seal strength testing of packaging, elongation testing of various materials, and other tensile testing requirements. Serrated interlocking jaws effectively grip samples for up to 100 lbF (500 N) of force. The grip features an industry-unique integrated open/close valve for quick sample engagement and disengagement, an added benefit for repetitive applications. An air connection kit, consisting of air tubing and fittings, is available as an option.


MArk-10 G1087

Miniature Filament Grip

For securing small diameter wires and filaments in pull tests. The sample wraps around the bollard and the loose end is secured by the adjustable jaw. Integrated swivel ensures sample alignment under load.



Mark-10 G1011

Rubber Tip

This attachment is designed to simulate a finger for testing pushbuttons, membrane switches, etc.



Mark-10 G1094 

High Capacity Eccentric Roller Grip 

 This rugged grip features a serrated cam, for effectively securing wires, plastics, textiles, and other materials in pull testing applications. Integrated eye end.




MArk-10 G1003 

Miniature Component Grip

This slender grip is ideal for testing small and hard-to-reach parts, such as electronic and mechanical components.



Mark-10 G1031-1-2 

Extension Rods

 For use between a force gauge and another attachment or grip.

Available in 1", 2" and 5" 10-32M-F and 5/16-18M-F




Mark-10 Padded Attachments 

Ergonomic Padded Attachments

These ergonomic padded attachments are designed for testing muscle strength and other job task requirements.  



Mark-10 G1018 

Swivel Attachment

These ergonomic padded attachments are designed for testing muscle strength and other job task requirements. Intended to be used in tension only.
Available in 10-32M-F and 15/16-18M-F


MArk-10 G1089 

ISO 7886-1 Syringe Compression Fixture

This fixture is designed to test compression force of a syringe plunger, as per ISO 7886-1 and other relevant standards. Four blank stainless steel inserts are included, and may be drilled in the field to accommodate various diameter barrels 



Mark-10 Handles

Handles for Series 2/3/4/5 and 7 Digital Force Gauges

Single- and double-handle grips used for mounting a force gauge in various applications, such as ergonomics testing, job task analysis, and muscle strength evaluation. 



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