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Backroom Deals

Dillon Quantrol BFG

Dillon Quantrol AFG

The AFG features an interchangeable load cell cartridge for quick capacity changes. 

ALC - Advanced Load cell Cartridge.

Each ALC’s calibration and capacity are automatically recognized by the AFG for immediate use.
Comes with 3 different ALC capacities

50N, 250N and 500N (10, 50 and 100lbf 

High-Speed 5000Hz internal Data Sampling

Peak readings for both tension and compression 

Accuracy 0.1%


Dillon Quantrol AFTI

Dillon Quantrol AFTI w/200lb Load Cell

The AFTI contains no internal load cell but maintains
the superior features of the AFG.

The AFTI is designed for users who require a precision external force and/or torque sensor.

Like the AFG, when connected to a Quantrol Smart Torque Sensor, the AFTI automatically converts to torque units of
measure. Also, clockwise and counter-clockwise
annunciators indicate direction the load is applied.

1 200lb S-Beam load cell is available
Outstanding Accuracy of 0.1%


Dillon X-TC

Dillon Mechanical X PP Dial Gauge

The X-PP is capable of both Compression/Tension.

Capacity - 250lbs at 2.0% of full scale.

Unit is supplied with self-aligning spherical rod-end connectors for tension loading. Force is applied to connectors through a hardened steel pin which must be slip fit in connector holes.


Dillon TC2i Test Stand

TC2i Computerized Test Stand

Cast base and extruded column make this a tough
2500 N / 550 lbf capacity unit.
Extremely quiet operation.
Clear 20 inches (510 mm) of headroom.
Crosshead travel from 0.039 to 19.7 inches / minute
(1 to 500 mm/minute).
Wide range of grips and fixtures available.
Fitted with 2500N/550lb sensor. No base plate.
Ultra-fast data collection - 1000 readings per second.
Adjustable limit stops.
Splash proof membrane control panel with
emergency stop button.


LCP Lever Operated Test Stand

LCP Lever Operated Test Stand

Effective travel, daylight opening: (With gauge, without fixtures and grips) 6.0 in (152 mm)

Linear travel per revolution: 1.87 in (47.5 mm)

Maximum movement of fine adjuster: 0.3 in (8 mm)

Maximum movement of adjustable stop: 6.0 in (152 mm)

Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)

Maximum load using extended instrument bracket: 40 lb - 20 kg - 200 N


Dilloin ED2000

Dillon ED-2000 Electronic Dynamometer w/HR-200 Remote



Capacity: 5000 x 0.5lb

Units: LBS, KG, kN, TONN

Accuracy: 0.1% Repeatability: 0.1%

Display update rate: 2 times per second

Radio link: up to 300 feet

Uses standard 9V lithium or alkaline batteries